Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Present Ideas for a fiftieth Marriage Anniversary.

Unlike other anniversaries, this one is a 'biggie' that folks can be happy to celebrate it too.

Historically , this is the 'golden wedding', and if you're into flowers, the violet is the main theme.

* A photograph of the couple in a gilt ( gold ) frame.

* Get a painting done from a photograph of the couple - these are not as costly as you might think.

A fiftieth anniversary gift honors a significant point most married people want to reach.

The fiftieth anniversary is celebrated by gold and the flower is violet.

fiftieth anniversary gift concepts for the couple.

Monthly or quarterly lo-carb, dietetic or fruit hampers.

A present of theater or concert subscription tickets.

The youngsters can make a fiftieth anniversary souvenir book present.

rather than a guest book, purchase a music box and fill it with messages of love written on gold or hand-crafted paper from loved ones. Click here If you want stories about wholesale wedding candles.

* Nice wines or gift hampers containing the things they adore ( particularly if they're on a diet - today isn't a day for being stern with yourself. Never outstay your welcome - they do not have as much stamina as they used to.

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