Friday, March 18, 2011

Are You Networking For Sales Or Raving Fans?

If he continues to do amazing work, a few of them will become raving fans and his customer base may continue to expand. But what if as well as networking to find more clients he networked to find other enterprises who shared his target audience and he concentrated on turning those other enterprises into raving fans. In the photographers case that may be the reception centre, the limo company, the caterer, the cake company, the dress designer etc. The blushing bride may run straight out of girls to refer to you - but prospering enterprises won't.

Step 1 is to spot the enterprises which share your target audience. Other firms which form part of your supply chain e. Couples hoping to add some caprice to their reception can select a moulded chocolate that reflects their unique marriage theme, designates their relationship, or something that'll be a good topic for their guests.

Chocolate may also be a compliment to another favour. Discover more on the subject of cheap wedding centerpieces. Give them a chunk of moulded chocolate that designates your charity and make your act of openhandedness more unusual. For example, a pink ribbon made from chocolate can be coupled with a gift to Susan G As you would with your reception menu, its smart to keep guests allergies and nutritional limitations under consideration when selecting chocolate favors. Keep the comms channels clear, both with your visitors and your chocolatier. All of the enterprises servicing the marriage market. Other firms which offer a subtly different product offering to your target audience ( e. A pool cleaning contractor and a pool chemical supply company ) or the identical product offering to a touch different target audience ( e. The second step is to turn them into raving fans.

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