Thursday, June 25, 2009

If Jesus Was on Twitter, What Would Jesus Tweet? ( WWJT ).

Important Brit playwriter, Catherine Johnsons, Mamma Mia is a heart touching musical wizardry primarily based on the mythical pop group ABBA. According to the stats, roughly thirty million folks have liked the musical hit Mamma Mia. The first London cast of Mom Mia Musical comprises of Siobhan McCarthy as Donna, Louise Playwriter as Tanya and Jenny Galloway as Rosie. The gorgeous story of Mamma Mia is predicated on the beautiful land of Greek.

The acronym served as a conscious guide as to What Would Jesus Do in certain scenarios.

Not only was it a success with some Christians, but also sportsmen, stars, and folk world wide. If Jesus was on Twitter, What Would Jesus Tweet? * Traveling with my oldsters, been out of their presence for a day and theyre now just now noticing? ( Luke 2:41 ) * Whats a wedding without wine, bring those water pots and watch what the Lord can do. This is a great thread all about reception chair covers. ( Mark 1:17 ) * Whoah, you missed it, Peter just walked on water-oops he sinking, but at least he tried the very unlikely.

( Matthew 8:32 ) * Found out Lazarus died, heading there in a couple of days to raise him from the dead, Whos gonna come witness? ( John 11:6 ) * Do not be fearful Simon, Lets go catch some Tweeps ( Luke 5:10 ) * Ignore those non secular Tweeps ( Pharisees ), your religion is what has saved you. Without divulging this to her ma, she called them to her wedding. So, if you havent checked the show then you need to book your Ma Mia Theatre Tickets and prepare for a fun roller-coaster ride.

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