Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rachel getting wed.

Storage is a major selling point, but cluttered storage can kill a sale. Be certain to maximise all of the storage spaces in your house. Ensure that you can get both autos in the garage. Pictures about marriage preparations that are fraught with one disaster after another are nothing new. Crisis comes in the shape of younger sister, Kym, played brilliantly by Anne Hathaway. A previous model, Kym has found herself out and in of rehabilitation for the best part of a decade. Wedding chair covers. Now shes released to visit the marriage of her sister Rachel, and with her come years of pent up hate and tons of mental luggage waiting to be dropped at everyones stoop. She is the eight hundred pound ape, except for the ape will not stay quiet, chain smokes, and is merely a teeeeeeny bit narcissistic. Oh, and the ape is a bit of a drama queen. If that is all you have up on your walls, do invest in some cheap, universal pieces of art to hang on the walls so they do not look too bare. Take it all down and put the honey-do list in your honeys sock drawer. There's no need to show off your obsessive compulsive biases by showcasing 2 hundred Pez dispensers.

Of those, limit the display to 5 pieces, maximum. The remainder of what makes the house your house desires to get packed away awaiting a place of respect in your next home.

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