Saturday, March 14, 2009

Discount Wedding chair covers On The Wall: A Unique Decoration

By Randy Hoover

If you're at a loss with what to put on your large, boring wall, a very simple yet effective way is to hang an area rug. That's right. Rug that is meant for the floor. Decorating ideas are evolving and just getting better and better each time, so it's not surprising to know that an area rug can also be used as a wall dcor.

Any blank wall, especially a big one is an ideal candidate for an area rug decoration. You don't necessarily have to be disguising a soiled spot, uneven tint or discount wedding chair coversdrilled holes. Area rugs as wall hangings are not only for those practical purposes. In fact, they serve a more appreciated function as beauty accessories for an all too common plain-looking wall.

Smaller walls can be joined by smaller area rugs. A huge rug isn't really a prerequisite although it does look grand. Smaller area rugs however, have a charm of their own. The shapes alone can give personality to the bleakest wall of all.

When you are choosing an area rug to hang on the wall, you should choose one with some sort of design. You will not want to hang a plain area rug on the wall, but one with some type of design. The design does not have to be ornate, however. Although there are rugs that are made primarily as wall hangings, any area rug with a design can be used in this manner. This will not only add color to the room, but it will also add a bit of warmth. The area rugs on the walls will make the room seem cozier.

You can use a hanging system when you are hanging an area rug on the wall of your home. These hanging systems are found in most frame shops as well as cheap wedding chair covers craft stores. You will want your rug to hang straight on the wall, and lay flat. With some rugs, you need only secure the top of the rug to the wall and it will hang naturally. If the rug is lightweight, you can use strong hanging tape to secure the rug to the wall. In the worst case scenario, if the rug falls down, you do not have to worry about glass breaking. You can simply hang it up more securely.

Take your time in shopping for the rug of your choice. Focus on those with your favorite color or theme for the design. Area rugs as wall hangings are one of the easiest, most convenient and brilliant ideas in home decorations. Your home will look so nice that satin wedding chair covers inviting guests might just become a hobby.

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