Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cheap Weddiing Supplies: You Gotta Love Them

By Judy Arthon

One of the most challenging aspects of decorating is fitting together different styles to achieve a put together look. Just think of designs with a differing theme. Is it possible to mix Victorian-inspired pieces with Renaissance?

There is a kind of rug called transitional cheap wedding place card holders rug wherein every aspect of the material is a chameleon. Why so? It's because transitional rugs have the elements of various styles found in a room. You might be a skeptic and have now started to raise your eyebrows on the viability of this idea. Allow me to tell you more

Traditionally these transitional area rugs fall in a wedding chair covers category that is somewhere between the European and Oriental styles. That is to say, they contain elements from both and are, as such, quite often uniquely stylish and artful with a dash of contemporary design. It is often this fusion of elements that makes this type of rug so highly desirable among collectors.

The positive qualities of transitional rugs don't end there. For the reason that these rugs have more use of colors and enjoy the liberty of combining two or more to create a totally new look, you wouldn't have to worry about the question "who wore it better?" You're assured that there are no transitional rugs of exactly the same look. Well except of course if you and the other lady get the same piece in the same department store in the same rack. The point though is that the designs and colors of transitional rugs are so diverse that finding a replica is discount wedding table overlays almost close to none.

The design is one important factor that sets transitional rugs apart. If a conventional rug carries only one or a specific design for its theme, say of nature, showing a mountain scene, transitional rugs on the other hand, feature the "unusual". It can be an unexpected depiction of a theme. In this example of nature, you might see a farm scene or an erupting volcano with splashes of bright colors.

Now all that being said, there's one reason that a transitional rug will appeal to just about everyone. Many people who choose one style of rug won't choose another based on a number of things. These might include the color being too dark or too bight. Or perhaps they like a part of the over all pattern, but dislike other parts, like the medallion, etc. There are, in fact, millions of reasons people don't like certain types of traditional rugs.

The colors for a transitional rug have no such trouble. Because they are the masters of the mix and match with integration of bits and pieces of various designs, there is an ideal rug for everyone. One that meets even the most finicky person's taste. For instance, a normal animal print rug has only that, animal prints. But a transitional rug can use an animal print theme and join it with some modern inspiration making use of bright colors. Hence, you have two designs in one rug.

In conclusion, you have everything you need in a transitional rug, most especially if you don't know what exact kind to use. If you aren't certain yet if a dark colored rug will work best for your office, but is also unsure if you really want a bright colored one, transitional rug is your answer. Without much worries, all you have to consider is the perfect size and the space in the room, and you're all set to lay down that rug.

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