Monday, March 23, 2009

Steps To Find Your Perfect Partner

By Gabriel

Do you notice that when the harder you try to get something, the further it moves away from your grasp? This is true in the game of love. Finding the perfect partner in love requires more subtle skills and i will share some tips for attracting that special someone.

Don't Be Clingy: Well i don't really need to elaborate on this do i? Think back on the time when someone - be it a salesperson or some friend who was just a little too enthusiastic about what you do and say. How does it feel to you? Do you feel repulsed by their constant 'hovering' presence?

Think about that the next time you feel like doing it to your date or partner. Instead, take a laid-back approach. I'm not saying you should be stand-offish or distant, but rather take a 'i'm fine with anything' approach. Your potential partner will feel relax and happy if you can do that.

Stretch youself: No i'm not talking about taking a one hour yoga class (although that can help). What i mean by stretching yourself is to challenge yourself to socialize more often. Put yourself in situations where you can interact with the opposite sex.

Many people complain about not being able to find the perfect partner. But have they ever put in the time and effort to go and socialize? If you don't do that, that special someone will never come into your life. Remember that being busy is not an excuse. If finding the perfect partner is important to you, then watch less tv for an hour or shave off an hour from low priority activities. You have plenty of oppournities to talk and socialize with new people in an hour.

Go out with friends: To expand on the previous point, one specific way you can leverage your results with limited time is to organise parties or outings with friends. Now, the diffference here is that each friend must bring someone of the opposite sex (no mutual friends don't count). This ensures an equal number of male/female ratio and good potential for the kind of interaction you want.

Maintain an abundance mindset: Many people settled for whoever came along and suffered miserably. Do you know why? One of the main reasons is that they have a scarcity mindset. They made the decision for a partner based out of neediness or fear (of not finding the right one). Don't do that. Instead, realize that there are plenty of available men and women on this planet. If you can keep an abundance mindset, then you will be able to choose your perfect partner based on you wants and needs.

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