Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ways to Package your Wedding and Wedding Guest Favors

By Aaron H.

For anything that requires delivering, packaging is a must. Most packaging does have several functions in addition to adding the appeal as offering protection to the favors, easing the handling and adding monetary value. In the market we have; boxes, paper wrapped in papers, love bags and cans. The boxes are preferred when the gift are a bit large; the available boxes come in different dimensions, and also can hold items of varied shapes and designs. The boxes are made of such materials as gold, silver, alloys, wood and paper. Most of the favors packaged in paper boxes are the edible ones which are supposed not to last long. The other material can hold favors that are durable. These boxes are more masculine and can be used for male favors as cards holders, humidors, pen holders and others.

Paper wrappers are the most commonly used method; they are easy to use, readily available in many outlets, cheap in price and easy to dispose. They also come in different printed designs to meet most of our favor needs. The paper wrappers are just like the paper boxes not meant for long time packaging for once you open the gift it gets spoilt. If carefully peeled the paper wrappers can be recycled to wrap other gifts with related theme. To reduce littering our environment you are requested to dispose the paper wrappers well through to reduce accidents as children swallowing them.

The other type of package is the feminine biased love bags. The bags can be made using many materials as sisal, cotton, paper, synthetic materials or be knitted wool. The maker if given the specifications of the favors can develop the most favorable size and design. Different personalizing methods can be applied here as knitting, embroidering or pinning on them giving the names of the bride and the groom, and the date of the wedding. The bags as earlier said are most appropriate to ladies to hold favors as maker hold gifts as make up holders, desk photo mini frames, jewels holders and many more types of favors.

There are also some special cans that are used to package the wedding and wedding guest favors. The cans come in different shapes and material depending on the budget available. The materials used could range from paper, wood, plastic to metals. The plastic and metals can have floral designs printed on them or wrapper with the couple's names and favorite designs on them. The cans are excellent to use due to their ease of handling.

The way you package your favors says a lot about you and the gifts. Many people will preconceive the wrong ideas if the packaging is poorly done even before opening the packaging. Despite adding value and appeal the packaging is an extra cost which be skipped if the there is a shortage in funds. The packaging also should meet the following standards; lime with the theme of the wedding, reflect the couple's lifestyles, their social class, be convenient to used and handle. Other factors as cost, design, ease of manipulation, availability, environmentally friendly and durable. In this era of environmental consciousness the guests may not appreciate receiving favors that contradict their principles. Also care should be taken to eliminate favors and packagings that are from animal products so as not to arouse the wrath of animal conservationists.

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