Sunday, March 22, 2009

Diamond Bridal Jewelry Best Friend of girls

By Louise Servage

Just because a dog is man?s best friend women need something to be theirs and yes a diamond is it. Before heading out to get some diamond jewelry doesnt mater mens or womens there some things you are going to want know.

Buying Diamond Bridal Jewelry for you

One thing before buying diamond bridal jewelry is you must know about grades. Part of this is knowing about the four c?s of diamonds being: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight this is the most important thing.

The most important of all is the Cut and it is also the most difficult to understand. How the diamond is cut will make it somewhat more or less brilliant, you must know how this quality affects diamonds and their price.

If a diamond is well cut, light enters through it and travels to the pavilion where it reflects from one side to side before reflecting back out of the diamond back to your eye. This is the reason the cut makes the sparkle, its all in the observers eyes.

Another thing to keep in mind the clarity and this is directly related to the number of flaws in the diamond and clearly affects the visiblilty.

Another important aspect is color, diamond come in lots of different color to choose from, but truth is colorless diamonds are the most desirable and unfortuneately the most expensive. You can also get a fluorescent diamond which has the effect that has on some gem-quality diamonds when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The carat weight is important because this is what really determines the price of the diamond. When deciding on carat size for your diamondsit is all about striking a balance between size & quality.

If you follow these tips they will greatly help you to choose your diamond bridal jewelry, and also ensure that you get the diamond bridal jewelry at the cheapest price.

Bridal jewelry is important because this is what will finish off your outfit. This finishing touch is needed to perfect your look and leave you looking the most beautiful brushing bride ever. This is what girls dream of and if you want to choose the perfect jewelry follow these tips.

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