Friday, March 27, 2009

No One Should Be Placed Before Your Spouse

By Carol Ann

It is common for a couple to forget about the importance of putting their marriage first. So many other things are happening in life, it tends to fall to the wayside. It is really important to put your relationship with your spouse above all else, and is actually vital to its survival.

Letting your wife you know that she is as special to you now as she was the day you married her, if not more so, can really turn around a failing marriage. It does take some work, and I must tell you about this movie called FIREPROOF that I saw recently, and how it really made me realize how important my marriage really is.

This movie goes through many of the issues that a marriage can face, and how it is easy to get caught up in your marriage problems and believe that the only solution is divorce. Some issues make us feel hard and cold toward the other person and over time these can wind up being the only feelings you have toward the other person.

This is the best time to uncover all the feelings that you have for your wife, and to try to change things. Instead of searching outside of your marriage for a solution, put that energy into fixing your marriage.

This movie is not only good, but very informative as to how marriages should be viewed. It is a very good film for marriage counseling.

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