Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Right Way to Save My Marriage

By Irene Mmari

Many couples find themselves asking this question, during their wedded lives, at some point or the other. No matter how strong your marriage is, there is always room for improvement as well. Only when both the persons in matrimony do their utmost, only then can marriage be truly happy and meaningful. There are small and simple things, which can be done by both the spouses, to counteract problems and sort them out amicably:

Be aware of the Trouble

You and your spouse first and for most need to have a heart to heart and recognize what the problems are. This can sometimes be really tough to take on since it would ask you to first go over yourself before you make any further judgment about your partner. What we see may be unsavory, but once we recognize the matter in its right perspective and discuss it with no holes barred, with our partners, we are already on our way to finding a feasible solution to the Problem.


Any relationship thrives on meaningful and sincere communication. Maybe the lack for intimate time can be attributed to this since you are too busy with your duties at work, to your babies and other affairs concerning the family. Make it a daily habit that you are going to spend some quality time with your spouse, simply to keep the lines of communication on. You ought to be fair and sincere not just with yourself but with your spouse too as this plays a critical role. While communicating, we must remember that we ought to listen too and lend a shoulder to our spouses whenever needed. Communication is the best approach to be able to get to that conclusion.


Another significant factor to reflect on is your respect to each other. Do you both quarrel often? Do you call each other names, abuse or blame each other all the time? It is easy to get to that space at times when things are not going well. One you regard your spouse, a lot of amendment to past mistakes can be done. Was there any difference with your manner of treatment as well as the degree of your tenderness to each other from the first time that you met until these days? Can you think of the things that may have made the changes?

Work on Connection and Intimacy

When a marriage going through a bad patch often results in loss of intimacy and friendship and that is a big loss. In most cases, what can actually help couples to deal with any issues is their mere dedication to each other to find ways and time to be close and have that particular connection made even stronger each day. One good way to restore the intimacy that was vanished is to start it off with your physical connection through making love with extra spice. Sex activity might seem impossible at times like this, but with a bit of effort, if you can make it happen, things might start to look bright all over again. If both the partners would do their part in giving efforts and time to fix the issues regarding their relationship, then saving it from a disaster won't be that hard to attain.

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