Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting the Bridal Shower and Wedding Shower Favors Home

By Aaron H.

Ordering and payment of the bridal shower and wedding shower favors is followed by the process of delivering the gifts to the respective buyer and location. The favors can reach the wedding couple by use of several methods as the engagement of the parcel courier services as FedEx, DHL or the national postal services, the use of supplier delivery service or owner delivery. The choice of the method to be use is based on the nature of the favors; their material and design, the distance to be covered, the time available and the costs involved per item. If the courier services are sort the delivery is within one week for almost all distances and the delivery is at the door of the given address. This method is safe and the couple is able to trace the movement of their products all the way from the supplier to their door.

In well established supplier chains there are readily available delivery vans that do door to door deliver. The shipping is mostly not charged for certain goods and amounts, very few shops will charge for this especially if the delivery location is its locality. The van while make several round each day thus all what you bought will be delivered the same day. When doing the purchases you are asked to leave the address where you want the favors to be delivered. The documents issued at the time of buying acts as the tools to receive the goods when delivered later in the day. This shipping method is the best for most bridal shower and wedding shower favors. If the shower is to be held on the same day of purchase you, can indicate that the gifts be delivered to the shower venue instead of your house only later to transport them to the venue.

For the hand-on brides and groom the best method to go with is the owner delivery. You will carry you tokens straight from the supplier using your own means. This is more satisfying for you do not have to wait or pay anyone for the service. If you day's schedule is tight you can pick the favors and proceed to other obligations with having to be at a certain place to receive them. The safety of the gifts here is at maximum for the owner knows the pain and the value involved in the acquisition of the favors. Any damage or loss is blamed on the owner no party is followed for replacement.

Due to shortage in funds the best way to beat this is to have the favors made at the site or venue of the event. All materials and tools are brought here and the products made stored within the area; this minimizes the cost of transport, time and risks of breakages during transportation. After process of manufacture is complete the gifts are packaged according to the wishes of the couple.

In any of the delivery or shipping method chosen the following factors must be considered; the cost per mile and specific weight, the fragility of the favors, how perishable are the gifts, shipping length and the insurance cover that covers for risks as theft, breakages, delay and many others. The reputation of the shipping company is also important. Knowing the mode of delivery used is also vital as air, rail, road or water so that you can access the risk factor. All methods should be safe, fairly priced, efficient and acceptable.

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