Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Can Do For Your Home

By Hank Winston

A quick and easy way to change the look of any room is through an area rug. This decorating accent is a great shop - easy to find, meets any budget and varies in design and size.

Area rugs are the perfect way to warm up a room. If you have hard wood floors, or tile, you can immediately add warmth to your dcor with a centrally placed area rug. Muted earth tones and patterns work best to give your room a comfortable feel. Placing a large area rug under your sofa or coffee table will give a conversation area a relaxed feeling.

Area rugs also work well to liven up your space. For rooms wedding receptions that need an added punch look for area rugs with exciting designs and color patterns. Especially popular now are animal prints and geometric shapes. Both of these will give your room personality.

Randomly placing smaller area rugs throughout a room give depth to your design.

Area rugs are the solution to upgrading a plain looking room. Repainting is nice but not everybody has the luxury of time nor the budget to do so. Therefore, an alternative is to use area rugs. Make use of rugs with loud colors especially if the room's wall is bland and rugs with noticeable designs or patterns like geometrics if the wall is earth-toned and the fixtures are dark. This simple decorating idea works! It can instantly give life to an otherwise gloomy and ordinary room.

Along with adding to your dcor area rugs also serve a functional purpose. If you want to protect hard wood flooring an area rug will help keep scratches and dirt at bay. A few well-placed area rugs in high traffic areas will complement and shield your floors. Hard floors, both tile and wood, can be noisy. Area rugs can help keep noise to a minimum. By placing a few rugs in hallways and entryways you will mute any sounds made as people walk across your floors.

Area rugs are welcome too in the kitchen. Who would have thought! Surfaces under the sink, stove and oven are disaster-prone areas. You can save yourself from mopping away water spills and grime from your cooking and baking by protecting these spots with an area rug. Furthermore, resting your tired feet from all those kitchen work has never been more comfortable on a soft, cushy rug.

What's a more welcoming accessory than an area rug to greet you and your guests? This is especially true if you have one with pretty colors and design. A rug with animal prints or lots of colors is a nice complement to your living room and foyer. Placing one too by the door keeps dirt away.

Know that area rugs are much better when changed as season changes for a more updated interior for your home. There are colors and patterns that go well with one season but may not necessarily be fitting for another. This time of the year when the cool weather is still around, area rugs of a thicker texture and deeper colors look more inviting and comfortable.

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