Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Are the Best Wedding Favors for You?

By Aaron H.

Some of the best selling wedding favors are those that are personalized, like bottle openers and keychains. With this choice, your guests have an beautiful wedding guest favor that reminds them of your union, and that they can use on their keyring with their carkeys as they drive. Wine tasting is also a fun way to impress your guests and use cool wedding favors like special wine glasses that your party can keep. Think of all the shapes and varieties of glasses you can find to have frosted with your names!

Now first, you have to select the wedding guest favors for those attending your wedding. Whether you are hosting a large or small wedding, there are so many options to choose from. Many people will use these wedding favors to decorate their tables and then be taken home as gifts to their guests. Fun wedding guest favors for a spring wedding are personalized blooming wildflower seed packets. These are a great way to symbolize how your new love as newlyweds will continue to grown and bloom with every season. Another fantastic wedding guest favor idea is coffee scented candles coming in coffee cup shaped holders that 'Espress Your Love' for each other. This is a very popular and fun selection because it is something the wedding guest can take home with them to enjoy, and they can also remember the celebration of your wedding with this relaxing wedding guest favor.

Golf, Fairy Tale, and Summer themes are many of the common ways that brides and grooms decorate and celebrate their party. Within your theme, there are no limits and it is the chance for you to be creative and exhibit your interests as a pair. Use bookmarks that have fairy tale inscriptions of both of your names, so your guests can remember you every time they read their favorite books. Or, for a summer wedding, you can order shell placecards and holders that are complimented with bowls of sand to make everyone feel they are at the beach. Beach themes are really popular nowadays due to the increase of destination weddings. Have you ever thought of having your wedding in a tropical location? Some of the best spots are Fiji and the Bahamas, and there are always have fun wedding favors that you can find to link to the locale.

Many couples also choose wedding favors based on a theme, like golf, casino, Japanese, or Disney. Within your theme, the sky is the limit! If you like Nascar, you can adorn every table with a Nascar hat wedding favors for them to wear once the party gets started. If you are country at heart, you can have a little bale of hay at every table, and they can each have their own cowboy hat to take home with 'Mr. and Mrs.' on it! If you are into swing dancing, you can give guests their own lessons with an instructor you hire, as well as a fun swing CD to take home as a wedding favor. All the ideas are up to you, and if you do a beach theme, you can even give guests their own flip-flips with your new last name. But who says it stops there? They can all dance on sand you have sprinkled on the dance floor!Or you can even give them hawaiian leis for a tropical theme.

To conclude, the assortment and variety of wedding favors available to you are endless. Be creative, and use this opportunity to make your wedding day special by putting your personal touch into every detail. Finding your theme and personalizing your wedding guest favors can be fun and will also showcase to the world your new identity as a couple. The choices are endless, whether it be scented candles, martini glasses, or personalized miniature Hershey's kisses. Find out what you love and make that a part of your special day with the one you love.

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