Friday, April 17, 2009

Benefits of a 30 Day Guarantee

By Tom Sanderrs

When you go shopping look for a lighting company that sells fixtures that you can be sure are dependable products and that the company provides a guarantee for the products. Buying products from this company will make you feel confident knowing that their products are good quality.

Any business that has confidence in the product they are selling will provide customers with an unconditional guarantee. They know that the majority of their clients will be completely satisfied with any product they have purchased. A business should take pride in anything it sells and expect the best from them.

In the FAQ section of their web site you will find the guarantee as a link, they often have questions concerning the guarantees in this section and if you are researching for lighting fixtures it is always best to check this section first.

What sort of guarantee should you look for?

* 30 day guarantee: Guarantees for 30 days are the most popular. If the product you purchase doesn't meet up with what you expected and you are not satisfied with it, they refund your money. Simply return the item you purchased and you get your refund without hassles. The company would just get you to fill in a short form asking why you are not satisfied with the product you purchased. This helps the company improve their product and allows them to return the faulty merchandise to the manufacturer.

* Should not have to pay for shipping: the guarantee should include free shipping. You need to be careful of this as some companies will make you pay for shipping when you return the product. Try to find a company that pays for shipping both ways.

* Replacement of product: Many companies will simply replace the product if it is defective. This is the best way of fulfilling a guarantee. This saves you having to go out and start shopping all over again.

* Unconditional: The worst problem with many businesses is they will try to create all sorts of hassles to stop customers getting a refund. Even when it is in fact their fault. Many businesses have even learned the dubious art of turning refunds and exchanges into profit by adding little charges that many people pay just to get a product that works. An unconditional guarantee should include no such additional charges.

It is wise to look into a guarantee carefully and read all the fine print. Some companies look as if you are getting a guarantee with the product but when you check into it carefully you will find a lot of small clauses that make it difficult to get a refund or replacement of product.

When you research a company be sure to keep these points in mind, when you check out their guarantee. Even if it is a very good company there is always a chance that the product may not be what you expected or even defective. For this reason you should always be sure that the company offers an unconditional guarantee.

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