Friday, April 17, 2009

Build Your Relationship On A Strong Foundation Of Trust - 7 Tips

By Marc Sandford

Life would not be possible without trust. Trust is built in to your everyday actions. You trust that your food is safe to eat. You trust that your car is safe, that the bridges you drive over are safe and that elevator as well as the people inside them are safe. Relationships are no different. Without trust, a real relationship is impossible. Here are nine suggestions for building up trust in your relationship:

1.) Make it a habit of being honest with people. If someone has an idea and asks for your opinion, then if you don't agree, say so. Be constructive by stating your reasoning for your disagreement. This habit will carry over to your interactions with your partner.

2.) When you make a mistake, quickly own up to it and apologize. Refusing to take responsibility for hurting the other person is a quick recipe for destroying trust. The ability to say "I'm sorry" is a prerequisite tool for keeping a relationship intact.

3.) Try to be the stable anchor of your relationship. That means being calm under pressure. In the business world, this quality marks the successful professional. In a relationship, this quality resides in a partner that can be trusted.

4.) When it comes to reliability and trustworthiness, nothing is too small. If you can be reliably trusted with the small things, you will be trusted with the more important things. Always show up on time and keep your word. An unbroken track record of reliability inspires trust.

5.) In order to build trust, you must be transparent. This means not hiding things from your partner. Most people can tell if you are hiding something. This is even more true with your partner who knows you well. The secretive person that holds back makes all of us uncomfortable. It's next to impossible to trust such a person.

6.) When making a promise, always follow through. There is no promise that is too trivial or too small to keep. Don't make it if you can't deliver on a promise. You cause a little pain in your partner every time you break a promise. This pain builds up and erodes trust over time.

7.) Never share other people's confidences with your partner. Doing so will cause your partner to wonder if you are sharing personal information about her to your friends. This is an issue about character. Never violate anyone's confidence.

Developing trust can be hard to do. But the long term benefits of a strong relationship makes it all worthwhile.

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