Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Retro Style Look For Your Room

By Jill Smith

If you were a flower child you may remember the favorite colors that all kitchens had; avocado kitchen appliances and orange carpets. If you weren't a child of the seventies then you probably tuned into popular shows such as "The Brady Bunch" or even "The Partridge Family". Looking back this was a fun time and stylish decade. If you are in the mood to create this look again you can create a 70's style retro look.

You don't need to add black lights and lava lamps to get this look of the seventies. You need to remember that this decade was all about freedom to express yourself and that is what you get to do now. Don't worry about trying to coordinate burnt orange or avocado green colors into your kitchen. You can get the seventies look by making a few changes and that's it.

Furniture is a necessity in creating this look. Visit your local second time around stores or shop online to find used furniture that you can use. You may want to look for those egg shaped chairs that were suspended from the ceiling in bright vibrant colors or even Bean Bag Chairs. Make sure that the Bean Bag Chairs are made from durable fabric and not the cheap versions that tear easy.

Next, you will need to invest in a great retro area rug. The 70's style was defined by shag carpet, but you don't have to replace your existing flooring to get the same effect. Look for an area rug made in the retro shag style and choose a color that works with the rest of your room. Jewel tones are a popular color for shag rugs, but avoid these when you decorate in 70's style. Instead, go for dark oranges, light browns, or even get a rug in the infamous avocado green.

Curtains are your next addition in creating a retro look. When it came to curtains back in the 70's there was no limit but today you are only accenting with the 70's look so don't over do it with unconventional designs. You want to purchase beaded curtains or make them yourself. Gather up your beads and hang them from a curtain rod at the window. Beads were very popular to hang in door ways where doors were not available. If you need added privacy then you may want to hang some blinds in your windows.

Finally, add some fun 70's accessories to complete the look. Lava lamps are the perfect choice and you can find them in a variety of colors. Consider making an entire display form mini lava lamps in various colors. You could also frame remnants of 70's fabric or hang actual paintings on the walls that date back to the 70's. Hang a disco ball from the ceiling or replace regular light bulbs with black lights. Get creative and watch your retro design come alive with 70's style.

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