Sunday, April 5, 2009

Creating a Romantic Atmosphere In Your Bedroom

By Roland Marsh

Designing a bedroom is one spot where you want to have an atmosphere that fits you. So if you want to add a bit of a romantic feeling to the room you should pick some choices that are bold and will bring that feeling into the room. Don't worry about stepping out of the box to decorate this room.

When you are creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom make sure to choose the correct color palette. Reds are especially a hot color when it comes to the bedroom since it invokes passion. Darker reds are chosen more when choosing wall colors. If red isn't your ideal color for a romantic room perhaps you have another color in mind. Make sure it's a color which makes you happy since you'll be the one whom will be sleeping in the room every night. If you aren't quite sure about painting the walls red but like the idea, then accent with pillows and your linens.

No matter the color choice you choose, make sure to paint the walls after you already have the design theme down pat. Look around in many different stores for inspirational pieces and dcor for the room. If you have a special piece you want to incorporate into the bedroom which has a romantic flair, and then by all means do so. If you have a few ideas and don't know if you can incorporate them into the room all together, choose the most romantic items at first. Make sure if you have other color choices to pull them so you have those pieces for accents against the hues.

Once you have decided on your basic theme and color scheme, you should choose some extravagant bedding. Romance is closely related with tactile sensations, so choose textures that evoke an emotional response. Silk sheets are a fantastic choice for a romantic bedroom. Avoid antique quilts or other bedding that would remind you of your grandmother. Choose something extravagant or even a bit over the top to really set the tone for a romantic atmosphere.

Make sure to choose a few great art pieces to accent your walls in the bedroom. Pictures are one of those focal points in any room and especially in a bedroom. Try to coordinate the picture with your color scheme and design style. Abstract paintings are a great idea to hang in the bedroom above the bed which will draw the eye immediately. You also have the option to hang a wedding picture from that special day which you love so much.

Remember to add some texture to the floor with a great rug. Especially if you have hardwood on the floor, add a bit of a soft rug that will feel great to walk on. Place several neutral rugs around the room. Don't add a lot of colored rugs it will only pull the attention away from your bedding.

Finally, add a softer lighting in the room to complete the romantic feel. Try choosing a great accent lamp since they are more romantic than an overhead fan light or other overhead bulbs. To make it even more romantic, try adding recessed lighting with a dimmer switch. You then have control on the brightness of the lighting for different occasions. Candles are another accent and also romantic item to place into the bedroom. Lavender, rose, or juniper scents are a great way to set the mood in your new re-modeled bedroom.

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