Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Search For Public Marriage Records

By Ben Dave

State Public Marriage Records are the top ranked public records that are extensively researched by a lot of people. There are many reasons why people search for them. These records also serve various official and legal purposes. For example, one major reason for searching state marriage records is to verify people's marital history. They are also used to substantiate a name change by a new wife. Additionally, these records are recognized documents to support medical and insurance benefits, social security matters, joint tax returns, adoption, immigration and many more. Certified copies of state marriage records are acceptable as proof of identity and status when claiming privileges, rights, marital assets, inheritance and even royalty.

At a basic level, the information contained in Marriage Records Search includes the particulars of the couple, their parents, witnesses and the conducting official of the ceremony and when and where it took place. Where there were multiple marriages, records of all of them will be produced as long as they were transpired within the state for which the search is conducted. Information from other related categories of Public Marriage Records are often included in the search results of marriage record certifications.

State marriage records are now a prerequisite when applying for a marriage license. This is to ascertain the eligibility of both the prospective bride and groom. It is partly for this reason that marriage record searches have really caught on in recent years. Whatever actual intent or purpose it's aimed at, it has proven to be a very handy matrimonial due diligence. After all, deceitful marriages invariably lead to divorce.

Another operating model of providing Online Marriage Records commercially online is through direct links to hundreds of government agencies in the US which are tasked with the function. The databases of such information brokers are created by pulling public records from these agencies. When you place an order with one of these sites, your request is then passed on to the appropriate agency for them to process and then ship a hard copy of the document you require to you. You have the choice of either getting the information forwarded by regular mail or pay an additional fee and have it delivered within two days by courier. Having it delivered by courier means that you can actually track where your order is and to ensure that it reaches you safely and on time.

Although they may seem quite old-fashioned, there are those who offer a completely different service from the other two we have mentioned above. When an order is made with such providers, one of their researchers will be dispatched to the appropriate marriage records office to obtain the document that you need. Depending on what office the researcher has to visit, the fee will be charged accordingly.

Commercial record providers are found in abundance on the internet. Log onto any of the major search engines and you will be spoilt for choice on Free Marriage Records. The industry is immensely competitive so the leading players especially are notably of very high quality and caliber. There are also several review sites to point the way. They evaluate and rate the prominent record providers in the market accompanied by the data of their findings. Their recommendations are usually spot-on and it pays to go with them if you are unable to conduct your own assessment.

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