Saturday, April 4, 2009

If You Dont Know How to Get You Ex Back, Start From This Advice. Recommended for Women Only

By Anna Baumgartner

If you took a decision to get your ex back, then you should know first the main reason, why he is gone. I dont know how long you were together, but you have to come back in your mind to that time, when you met each other. What did you find in him so impressive that you fall in love with him?

You have to understand what he found in you so special?

In comparison to that time do you both still have it now?

I guess, we all know that the beginning of any relationship is full of love and tenderness, admire and desire. You want to be special for your partner. Mirror becomes the best friend. You try to put on the most beautiful clothes. You say to your partner a lot of tender words, and you let him know, that he is the best man for you in the world. You love each his movement, you enjoy just looking at him, every touch is special. And all these sounds make the music!

What happened now? Do you still look at him with the same admire each day? I am pretty sure, that, unfortunately, not. For men it is the most important to feel and to see, that you admire him. You have always to mark their advantages. If your relationship turned to each day blaming and quarrelling, then you shouldnt be surprised that your love is gone. He started looking for attention and admire. Men are like that.

There is one great phrase: Love is like a fire, you should always add the wood to keep it on burning.

If you want to get your ex back, you have to start from yourself. Lets say, you have to bring yourself in order. Make a new hair dress, update your wardrobe, what about your shape? Hanging here, hanging there? Healthy diet, jogging, swimming, fitness and Important: stop drinking too much, if you do it now. It doesnt solve anything. It damages your brain and makes you looking worse and worse.

Start moving around. Check out what is interesting in theaters, go to the concerts with your best friend. Start learning at least something. For instance, new language. Why not? If you will start doing at least a part of these things, your self-confidence will come back, you will look better. It will cheer you up!

New hair dress, beautiful clothes, shape in order, fantastic hobby " to resist such a woman will be difficult. Even if you are divorced you have all the chances to win your love back.

Now comes the most difficult part: take one month without any communication with your ex. No phone calls, sms, e-mails " nothing! I know, I know it is difficult. Believe it or not, I passed through that by myself. It is possible to keep this distance, if you make yourself maximum busy. Besides, if you permanently try to communicate to your ex, you just push him further and further away. Let him start missing you! Sometimes the separation means you only better!

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