Friday, April 17, 2009

Dealing With Financial And Emotional Consequences Of Divorce

By Mark J Thompson

For women there are plenty of things to be considered when they decide to start divorce proceedings. This is especially important if they have young children. Certainly for women there are not only the financial consequences to be taken into consideration but what affect the divorce will have the children as well.

In this article we offer just a few simple tips to help a women when going through divorce proceedings to help the deal with the financial consequences of divorce. Plus to help them deal with the problems that they face to ensure that their children can cope with the situation as well.

First let us look at things to do to help deal with the financial consequences of a divorce.

1. It is crucial that before a woman starts divorce proceedings she checks out what benefits she is entitled to and starts claiming them. For those who wish to remain in their marital home to stop too much upheaval being caused in their children's lives this is important. They need to investigate what if any schemes their government has that can help them to continue to pay their mortgage if only the interest payments until the divorce has been finalized.

2. Along with looking for benefits that can help to ensure you remain in your current home look for those that could help you return to work. Many governments now offer tax credits to single mothers who want assist with their childcare costs. By being able to pay for such things it offers you the opportunity to return to work and get an income that can ensure that you and your children lead a good quality of life.

In this next section of the article we take a look at what effect the consequences of divorce can have on children and how a mother can deal with them.

1. Often when parents choose to divorce the children in the family may well feel that not only the parent living but the one remaining is abandoning them. This is something that very young children will find difficult to understand and cope with. If you notice any changes in your child's behaviour then sit them down and ask them to tell you how they are feeling. You will need to sit down with them when they are calm and listen carefully to everything that they have to say.

2. When parents are going through a divorce they sometimes place their children into awkward situations without realizing it. Certainly in those cases where there is quite a lot of animosity between the two parents and they argue a lot trying to do so without the children around should be attempted. If the parents do find themselves arguing in front of the children it is best if one of them walks away from the situation as soon as they possibly can.

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