Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Best Cost Effective Way To Sell Your Home Faster and for Top Value

By Sharyn Simmons

No matter how tough things might be in the real estate market, there are some very easy things which you can do to get more money for your home when you're looking to sell.

This is called staging homes and it draws on some basic marketing and psychology. You need to think of your home as a product offered on the marketplace; and the way you should present your home to buyers is different from the way it looks when you live in a home.

These are some staging houses ideas that can get top dollar for your home:

Detailing Your Home

If you were going to sell your car, you'd have it detailed; you'd polish and wax, do any cosmetic touch ups needed and clean out the inside of the car. The same idea goes for selling your home.

When you want to get the best possible price for your home and sell it quickly, then paying attention to all of the cosmetic details is important. Making sure that each and every little thing about your home looks great will make it much more attractive to buyers.

Your outside space needs to look good too. Sweep the sidewalk and driveway and if there are stains on your driveway, you should use a power washer to remove them. Inside your home, don't forget to sweep away all of those cobwebs in corners.

Keep the toilet seats and lids down and remove any personal items from the bathrooms.


People imagine how their possessions would look in homes that they are viewing. By getting unnecessary items out of the way, you make it easier for them to envision the home filled with their furniture and decorations.

Removing any objects or items that clutter up corners, walls or shelves can actually make each room appear larger and give an appearance of space. Take down any family pictures or trophies and put them in boxes. If you sell your home you're going to be moving anyway, so you're getting a head start on your packing. The same rule applies to figurines, knick-knacks, ornaments and any other item that clutters up your rooms.

Have a look through each room and clear away anything which gives is a cluttered, crowded appearance. Box up toys and other small items to get them out of the way when showing your home to prospective buyers.

Neutral Ground

While brightly colored feature walls might look wonderful with your custom-made sofa, home buyers want to imagine their own furniture in a home they intend to buy.

Paint your walls to a brighter, neutral shade, this will make your home seem lighter and can even create the illusion of space.

It might seem to you that you're making your home into something of a tabula rasa, but this is just what helps buyers decide to purchase a home.

Window Dressings

Replace any dark colored or heavy curtains with light colored (and indeed, lightweight) ones. This opens up the whole room, makes them seem to be lighter and features your windows.

Added Space

Your basement and attic areas have potential as well. Don't stop at the living spaces; if you can, make these other areas show their potential for other uses.

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